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Our signature training program is the Beginner Biking Training Series for women who want to get back on their bike, develop and improve their riding and bike safety skills. It is a skill-building program that features a weekly bike ride and a lesson. The rides progress slowly over time. Located in Portland, Oregon, we specialize in helping “Nervous Nellies” and “First-Timers” overcome their fear and anxiety about biking.

Our beginner training model is described below. 2017 will include an abbreviated, “Hello, Bike” weekly training series for new riders. Check our calendar for all our offerings, Ride Like A Girl Cycling Meetup.

Four Beginner Series (not currently scheduled in 2017): Starting in the spring and continuing through the fall, the following four series are designed to help the beginner bicyclist develop bike handling skills, safe riding practices, confidence and self-sufficiency:

Series 1: Getting Back on Your Bike

  • “Getting Back on Your Bike” series is designed for the first-timer, “Nervous Nellie” or woman who hasn’t been on her bike in a long time.

    Who is this for? Designed for women who have not ridden their bike in a long time, do not have group riding experience or feel a bit nervous about the entire notion of biking!

  • Description: This entry-level series is designed to help you get re-aquainted with your bike, refresh your bicycling skills and learn group riding etiquette.
  • What will I learn? Basic bike handling (shifting gears, braking and stopping safely, avoiding hazards and minimizing risk of falling); how to ride predictably and safely in a group.
  • Cost: Free! As a service to the community and in an effort to encourage women to dust off their bikes and ride, there is no charge for Series 1.

Series 2: Exploring Portland’s Bike Paths

  • Banks-Vernonia Trail

    The “Exploring Portland’s Bike Paths” series features rails to trails, multi-use paths and bike paths in and around Portland.

    Who is this for? Designed for the beginner who wants to learn and practice basic bike safety, further develop group-riding etiquette, increase endurance and discover the wonderful bike paths in Portland and the surrounding area.

  • Description: Introduces women to the many bike paths in and around Portland while emphasizing good riding technique, safe practices. Most routes will be on multi-use (bike/walking) paths. Use of roads will be limited-to-none.
  • What will I learn? Continue to develop and improve upon the skills introduced in Series 1; learn some of Portland’s favorite routes; learn how to navigate intersections, unmarked road crossings, and bike path transitions.
  • Cost: $10 per training ride (drop-ins welcome).

Series 3: Biking on the Road

  • Our biggest ride: The Harvest Century (46 miles)

    The Ride Like A Girl team navigates Hillsboro roadways on the Harvest Century bicycling event, one of our signature events.

    Who is this for? Designed for the woman who wants to learn how to navigate her bike through Portland urban and residential areas; or for those who do not feel comfortable but want to learn how to bike on the road and in traffic.

  • Description: Introduces basic skills for riding on residential and urban roadways with emphasis on safe biking practices; includes how to use bikeways (or bike boulevards), bike lanes, and roads without bike lanes; how to share roads with vehicles. Helps prepare bicyclist to ride with other community biking groups and clubs; includes a clinic on Oregon bicycle law and road safety (presented by a local attorney).
  • What will I learn? Understand Oregon bicycle laws and safe road biking practices, including how to use bikeways, bike lanes and roads without bike lanes.; Understand common on-road hazards and how to avoid or mitigate them; how to navigate safely and legally through intersections, sidewalks and crosswalks; safe passing techniques; how to navigate using a bike map and how to create a route.
  • Cost: $15 per training ride (drop-ins welcome).

Series 4: Rural Roads and Distance Cycling

  • IMG_3097

    Learning to bike in rural areas opens the world of cycling to new freedom and adventures!

    Who is this for? Designed for the woman who has become comfortable biking in town, with traffic and has basic understanding of road safety and Oregon bicycle laws; wants to develop biking skills in rural areas and gain the skills and confidence to participate in an organized distance bicycling event.

  • Description: Provides basic instruction for riding in rural areas where bike lanes and bikeways are limited or non-existent. Introduces skills for how to ride long distances (20+ miles).
  • What will I learn? How to practice safe biking techniques when sharing rural roads with vehicles; Emphasis on how to ride visibly and predictably; introduction to interpreting cue sheets, maps, Dan Henry road markings to navigate a route; introduction to hill climbing and descending.
  • Cost: $20 per training ride (drop-ins welcome).

Sign up today by joining the Ride Like A Girl Cycling Meetup at www.Meetup.com/RLAGcycling and check the calendar for currently scheduled events.

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13 thoughts on “Training

  1. Awesome way to feel comfortable riding your bike!!

  2. This training series is exactly what I need! Can’t wait for Spring when I can start at series 1.

  3. Just got a road bike. I know very little. I would like to take a beginning class on the basics…Any “newbie” classes coming up.
    Thanks 🙂

  4. Are there any local classes that train you for riding a century?

    • Hi Laurie, that is a great question. I am not aware of any century-specific training programs; however, our Road Bike Training Camps and spring/summer training series help riders build road biking skills that can be applied. Many of our participants have gone on to ride their first centuries, toured other states and countries by bike and even bike across America! So stay tuned for social and/or rides on our calendars.

    • Hi Laurie, I am out of the country so please forgive my delay in responding. We do not currently have classes that train women for century rides. I am in the process of assessing the needs and interests of our members as I prepare for 2018. You can keep your eye on our calendar for future training opportunities. Our road bike training camps are a great offering I expect to offer next year; three-day weekend of coaching. Again, details will be on our calendar as 2018 is rolled out. I suggest you check back in January, http://www.Meetup.com/RLAGcycling. Carolyn

  5. Are there any classes locally that trains people for a century?

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