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Ireland by Bike: Day 4 – Give Me a Steak and No One Gets Hurt

All I want is a steak and my pillow, in that order. This last day of our four day bicycle tour from the north to south coast (340 miles) has been stunning, exhausting, challenging, fast and slow, high and low, satisfying and hunger-inducing. By the end of the ride I was craving a protein-rich meal and steak was my dreamy first choice. Once I indulged Continue reading


Ireland by Bike: Day 3 – High Nellies!

No boring stats today. You will find our new friends, Chris and John, along with their “High Nellies” and advice for bicyclists much more interesting. With their permission I am sharing photos and video from our visit at the Meiteal Cafe in Dunlavin, a village in County Wicklow with a library at its center.

Michael and I were in search of Continue reading

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Ireland by Bike: Arrived!

Being greeted at the gate by Geri (my aunt) made for a swift exit from the Dublin airport: bikes and husband packed under and into the bus; niece and auntie tucked into the not-sizable-for-bikes-plus-husband Toyota.

The ninety-minute northbbound drive to Belfast afforded us a wonderful window of one-on-one; a rare and precious gift that I have learned not to take for granted. While “craic” is the usual Continue reading