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Women’s Apparel: You’ll be biking in style in this sporty-but-feminine Ride Like A Girl signature cycling jersey available only from Ride Like A Girl Cycling in Portland, Oregon, $75. Our local cityscape makes for a high contrast baseline on the pink-and-white front, while silhouettes of our beloved Mount Hood and Oregon’s iconic Douglas-fir trees, grace the back. Arm Warmers: Matching black with waves of thin pink pinstripes make this a smart and versatile combination for changing temperatures – a must have for your riding collection, $27. Primal Wear, known for producing premier apparel, is the manufacturer. Click here to learn more about our unique logo.

Riding in style at the 2014 Reach the Beach bike ride to Pacific City, OR.

Riding in style at Reach the Beach bike event.

Accessories & Men’s Wear:

How to Order:

  • Easy method: Call 503-913-3534 to place your order. Square Cash (debit card payment) and Square (Visa) accepted.
  • Order By Mail: Please pay in cash, check, or money order payable to “Ride Like A Girl Cycling”.  Shipping within the U.S.: Add $5 (for jersey), $3 (for arm warmers), additional items will vary based on quantity. Will call available for customers local to Portland (no shipping fee).
  • Specify your order and preferences: Include the following information with your order request: Your name (first & last), quantity and sizes (refer to size charts above when ordering apparel), email address, and phone number. Include a mailing address if you are requesting shipping.
  • Send payment and order information to:  Ride Like A Girl Cycling, P.O. Box 91501 Portland, OR 97291
  • Refund & exchanges: Available only when returned in original packaging with manufacturer’s tags attached.
  • Questions? Please contact: ridelikeaPDXgirl@gmail.com or 503-913-3534.

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5 thoughts on “Shop

  1. Do you ship to Australia ?

  2. Hi, I love the Portland Ladies Cycle top…but I’m in the UK and worried about sizing (I’m forever getting size incorrect and have to return itime for different size and really would hate to have to return top to USA) …is it possible to actually measure a top by hand and send outcome to me ..that is if you can send top to UK in the first place.

    • Hi Denise, If you tell me the size you are interested in, I would be happy to double check the size with a measuring tape. I just need you to specify what measurements you would want me to verify (chest? waist? hips?). Alternatively, if you have access to “Primal Wear” brand jerseys (tops) in your local bike shop, you could try it on because our tops are manufactured by Primal Wear. Yes, I can ship to the UK but will need to add shipping charges. Once we know the weight, we can investigate that for you. Just let us know how you would like to proceed. Carolyn, Founder & Girlfriend-in-Charge 🙂

    • Denise, let’s handle your order via email so the details do not become public. You can reach me directly at RideLikeApdxGirl@gmail.com. Send me a message and then I will have yours. I am also available by phone, 503-913-3534, but email is free. Happy New Year! Carolyn

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