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Ireland by Bike: Arrived!

Being greeted at the gate by Geri (my aunt) made for a swift exit from the Dublin airport: bikes and husband packed under and into the bus; niece and auntie tucked into the not-sizable-for-bikes-plus-husband Toyota.

The ninety-minute northbbound drive to Belfast afforded us a wonderful window of one-on-one; a rare and precious gift that I have learned not to take for granted. While “craic” is the usual Continue reading

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Ireland by Bike – Wanna Come?

Yes, it’s true, I am Ireland bound! As I write, Delta Airlines is bumping me through the air and I have long forgotten the 3:00 AM alarm clock that truncated my much-cherished shut-eye. First stop: New York and then Dublin. Two more segments; bus and then train will deliver us (hubby and me) to the Giant’s Causeway on the Northern Ireland Continue reading


Dig Deep, Girlfriend

I was the ride leader today. Yeah, right. I found myself behind the pack (of nine) with no one in sight. Accepting my new position I asked Siri to play my 70s playlist and determined to enjoy the scenery, climbing at my own pace. That was mile ~25.


Leading from the back. That is my specialty.

Fast forward to mile ~82 and Continue reading

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“Block & Flow”: Transparent Blogger Mom Brings Balance to New Year Aspirations

Mom, blogger and a dear friend. Follow Resh at www.writtenbyresh.com

Mom, blogger and my dear friend, Reshma, writes from the heart at http://www.writtenbyresh.com

New Years in all its glory has its challenges; the tension between high expectations and the realities of limited resources, being overly preoccupied with what our peers are doing (or thinking), and the natural fatigue that comes with schedules full of family, jobs and, well, life! For a balanced look at the glorious road ahead, read this personal blog from a transparent mom who is aiming to take a tempered view of it all and encourage us to approach our 2015 journey with grace, a keen eye on our values and indulging in an occasional luxurious nap.

While this post is not our typical cycling fare,  I think you will appreciate its relevance to us bikey folk who are busily and bravely setting big goals, and striving (or struggling) to make progress towards them. Scroll down to read today’s “Block and Flow”.

Thank you, Reshma McClintock. “Block and Flow” was a good read for my morning!

For more, checkout Reshma’s blog, writtenbyresh.




My previous post was about my excitement of beginning another year and all of the blank space splayed out before me. The truth is that since writing those words I’ve really struggled in the first days of 2015; to find motivation, to complete my to-do lists, to follow through and to really live well. I’m all block or all flow. What does that mean?

Block: stopped dead in my tracks; vision-less, scatterbrained, unorganized and lazy.

Flow: bursting at the seams with energy, drive and focus; fulfilling my commitments and working passionately.

Some people live by the “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”, mantra. I can tend to live by the “I’ll sleep when I’m supposed to be working” mantra.

No, I don’t sleep all day. I have a 3 1/2 year old (pretty sure I sleep less now than I did when she was an infant). But do I think

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The Critical Question: So What?

Our biggest ride: The Harvest Century (46 miles)

Our biggest ride: The Harvest Century (46 miles)

Year-end is a time of reflection, goal setting and (if you work for Corporate America) preparing for your annual performance review. After thirty-one years at Intel I had become well versed in answering the “So what?” question. In other words, it didn’t really matter the number of hours I worked, how hard I worked or how much activity I generated. What mattered most was one thing: ResultsContinue reading


New Zealand and Why I Bike


Why do I ride my bike? The answers are endless! I shared my story yesterday with a small group of women gathered in Portland’s Western Bikeworks’ Corsa Cafe. They came to learn more about Ride Like A Girl. This was the first of two “Just Coffee” information sessions scheduled this month. The exercise of reflecting and sharing my story caused me to reflect all day on the reasons why I ride my bike. Here are eight of them. Continue reading