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Road Bike Training Camp: Day -1

Everyone loves summer camp, right? Many women love the annual camp tradition for the freedom it brings when the kiddos are gone for a week. But in the case of Ride Like A Girl Cycling, this year it’s our turn. With the help of Bowen Sports Performance, we have our first-ever road bike training camp – and it starts tomorrow.


Thinking of the fourteen women who are preparing and packing tonight for this grand adventure, I was inspired to write this poem. Continue reading


Elite Athletes Share Struggles and Secrets (Podcast)

With the 2016 Olympic games about to commence, we anticipate the drama and sheer excitement of watching our nation’s athletes compete on the world stage. We will hear of new and returning competitors and how they found their beginnings via predictable and assorted paths. We will be granted fast-forward storylines of how rigorous training and wholehearted dedication yield world-class Olympic performers. Some of us will be inspired, and perhaps motivated,  by their single-mindedness, beautiful forms and their ambition to attain audacious goals. And some of us may simply relish in the pleasure of spectating from the sofa, informed by our unquestionable paradigms that athletic excellence is limited to only the gifted as we ask the friend beside us, “Please pass the guacamole.” [Skip to podcast]

As one who is journeying through mid-life and discovered only five years ago the joy of road biking, I wonder …  Continue reading


The Back is the New Front

Ride along with us sometime and you may hear, “The back is the new front!” It’s an expression my friend, Linda, declared in response to a story of a stronger cyclist’s early days when she had regularly struggled to keep up with faster riders. It has become a celebrated mantra for us, especially among our “newbies”. It helps us remember that it doesn’t matter which position you occupy in a group ride. Simply being on your bike with the support and encouragement of friends is enough to enjoy biking and know you’re making progress.

Really?  Continue reading


I Didn’t Become an Athlete Until I was Sixty


Keys’ first choice is mountain-biking (Mountain Bike Camp, Moab, UT)

Susan Keys is an Oregon State University associate professor and senior researcher, retired Johns Hopkins professor of counseling, a national authority on mental healthcare and suicide prevention, wife and mother of two, grandmother of two and an avid cyclist. Road biker or Mountain biker? Yes. Ask Keys about biking and she will begin by saying, “I didn’t start biking seriously until I was sixty …”  Continue reading

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10 Reasons You Should … and Passing Dudes!

I just gotta share this with you. It’s not my work but a fabulous Active.com article that my friend, Richard, sent me this morning.  10 Reasons Women Should Get On a Bike by Susan Grant Legacki highlights ten health benefits of biking. Go ahead, take a look and then come back for some “dude” chatter.

On Passing Dudes!

Legacki highlights many good and healthy reasons for riding bike, but then caps off the list with the absolute joy of passing a man. Continue reading


“I Can Pedal Better Than I Can Walk”

The reasons for biking are endless: to have fun, see new places, socialize or to get fit. Some ride their bikes to commute to work, run errands, train for a race, or just to enjoy the outdoors on a nice day. But how about biking to regain lost mobility?

Four months ago, while walking in a park in Phoenix, Continue reading