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10 Reasons You Should … and Passing Dudes!

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I just gotta share this with you. It’s not my work but a fabulous Active.com article that my friend, Richard, sent me this morning.  10 Reasons Women Should Get On a Bike by Susan Grant Legacki highlights ten health benefits of biking. Go ahead, take a look and then come back for some “dude” chatter.

On Passing Dudes!

Legacki highlights many good and healthy reasons for riding bike, but then caps off the list with the absolute joy of passing a man. I must concur that it is giggly-delightful when you reach such a milestone in your cycling journey.



I have worked long and hard to build my cycling skills. Usually, I am happy to keep up with the guys, let alone pass one. Biking regularly, riding with others who are better than me and heading for the hills are three ways I have significantly improved my keep-up ability.

… the feeling you get while passing a dude on your bike …

I reveled in one particularly delightful pass during a 7-day bike tour in Idaho this summer. I was in great form on Day 4. We left Jackson, WY and were returning to Idaho. I was riding strong and found myself ahead of my husband (that was a sweet moment in itself) and we caught up with a couple guys we had met earlier on the tour; both strong riders who left me in their dust on previous days. But this day was different. I felt strong and powerful, my legs spinning like it was no effort at all. I surged to the front and they fell into my draft for a sweet long time. I cut through the air at 22-23 MPH, up and over rolling hills, holding the pace, pulling three dudes, for what seemed like miles and miles.

Somewhere along the way we even picked up a fourth. I felt invigorated and amazed at how far I had come since beginning to bike in 2010.   Oh, it was glorious! As we rounded a bend, the tour photographer snapped this photo (above). I like to call it, “Evidence.”

So, Girlfriends, ride for your health or ride to keep up, or better – ride to pass a dude. It will be a moment you won’t soon forget!

Author: Carolyn @ RideLikeAGirlPortland.com

I am an avid cyclist, passionate about training and encouraging other women to discover the joys of cycling. I believe that if women have a learning environment that feels safe, is fun and includes the support of other women, they will naturally Learn, Laugh and Love it!

One thought on “10 Reasons You Should … and Passing Dudes!

  1. How fun, Carolyn! Sounds like another cycling high, but sure, we knew you had it in ya, Kid.

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