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Dig Deep, Girlfriend


I was the ride leader today. Yeah, right. I found myself behind the pack (of nine) with no one in sight. Accepting my new position I asked Siri to play my 70s playlist and determined to enjoy the scenery, climbing at my own pace. That was mile ~25.


Leading from the back. That is my specialty.

Fast forward to mile ~82 and we were back together riding in a tight group. I was at the front of the pack, fast approaching a hill. Foreseeing the inevitable, I thought in dismay, “Oh no, I’m going to drop to the back” (my usual pattern on any given ride, facing any given hill). But then a new thought trumped the first, “Oh no you’re not!” Determination surged through my tired muscles. I put my head down and digging deep I pulled up all that I had to power up the hill. When I lifted my head few minutes later, the pack was far behind. “Whoa, I just pulled off a breakaway!”


The rabbit breaks away for a glorious run!

Seizing the opportunity I transformed into a rabbit and continued at full throttle. “Surely, one of them will catch me …” but it wasn’t until several miles later that I saw David steadily approaching. Being the fastest rider in the group, I new he would close the gap, but I made up my mind – he was going to work for it. I continued digging and leading, eventually yielding my rabbit run to David, “Here you go, I was holding this for you.” I finished the ride second. Ninety-two miles and nearly six-thousand feet elevation gain was a hard-earned personal best for 2015 but it was the lesson in digging that I hope to remember.

Dig deep, Girlfriend, and you just might surprise yourself – and your friends!

Author: Carolyn @ RideLikeAGirlPortland.com

I am an avid cyclist, passionate about training and encouraging other women to discover the joys of cycling. I believe that if women have a learning environment that feels safe, is fun and includes the support of other women, they will naturally Learn, Laugh and Love it!

2 thoughts on “Dig Deep, Girlfriend

  1. Great post Carolyn. You were responsible for and inspired my two hardest runs yesterday. First was on 6 before Shell station, and second was the run you blogged. So thank you for the inspiration to push myself so hard, and you did make me work for it. You were awesome.
    Your Intermediate Cyclist

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